Indexation of rents according to the PEB in Brussels

When you own a rental property in Brussels, it is crucial to understand the rules on rent indexation, particularly as regards the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB).


The Brussels-Capital Region has introduced specific regulations to encourage more environmentally-friendly rental management and to encourage improvements in the energy performance of properties.


Here's what you need to know about PEB indexation of rents in Brussels.


Restriction on PEB indexation in Brussels


Since 14 October 2022, the Brussels-Capital Region has introduced a restriction on rent indexation, focusing on the period from 14 October 2022 to 13 October 2023 inclusive. The aim of this restriction is to promote more energy-efficient housing and reduce energy consumption.


Homes with an EPB label of values F and G


No indexation is permitted for homes with a PEB label of values F and G. Rents for these homes cannot therefore be increased during this period.


Dwellings with a PEB label of value E


For homes with a PEB label of value E, only half of the indexation may be applied. This means that if the indexation is 2%, you will only be able to increase the rent by 1%.

Homes with an EPB label of A, B, C or D


For homes with an EPB label of A, B, C or D, the rent can still be indexed in full. Owners of these homes therefore have more flexibility when it comes to adjusting rents.


Homes without an EPB label


If the home you rent does not have a PEB label, you must take into account the home's energy performance score and the following conversion:


F or G: more than 276 kWh/(m².an)
E: between 211 and 275 kWh/(m².an)
A, B, C or D: up to 210 kWh/(m².an)

It is important to note that in the Brussels Region, no provision has yet been made to avoid double indexation from 14 October 2023. Landlords and tenants should therefore be aware of these rules and plan accordingly.


In conclusion, PEB rent indexation in Brussels is designed to promote energy efficiency and encourage landlords to invest in energy-efficient improvements.


Make sure you understand these rules if you own a rental property in Brussels and consult the local authorities for any updates or changes to the regulations in force.


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