Your satisfaction is our goal!

Your satisfaction is our goal!

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We believe real estate is about more than square meters. As a real estate agency we distinguish ourselves through extensive expertise and a genuine personal approach.

We go further than the role of intermediary between buyer and seller. Victoire is a reliable partner who guides you smoothly throughout every possible real estate challenge. We answer your questions and provide meaningful advice.
Is it appropriate to buy new-build or invest in an existing building? Or might buying be more sensible than renting? We’re here as your loyal advisor, in full confidence and discretion.

Our team of recognized real estate agents, lawyers, advertisers, etc. will lead you towards your real estate dream from start to finish, making sure all your needs and wishes are met.

Take a look at our various services below and discover how we use our expertise to realize your success. 

At Victoire, real estate is about more than square meters. As a real estate agency we distinguish ourselves through our expertise and personal approach.

Trust in Victoire

Are you looking for a new owner for your property?

Entrust this task to Victoire, your trusted ally in finding the ideal candidate.

Our team handles the entire sales or leasing process, simplifying your experience.

Trust Victoire for an efficient and effortless transaction on your part.



Renting out your property is one thing, but being a good landlord is another.


That's why we assist you with your property management.


From rent collection to tenant relations, we take care of it for you!


This ensures you can enjoy the benefits of being a landlord without the hassle.


New-build projects

Do you have a real estate project in the pipeline? Or are you considering to make an investment? At Victoire, we know our region like no other. That makes us your solid advisor during the commercialization of your project or when looking for a tailor-made investment.

New-build projects


An excellent marketing strategy increases the popularity of your property with potential buyers and tenants. We have a wealth of communication tools that we use effectively to reach your target audience. 

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Rent indexation

Rent indexation

This rent calculator can be used for all rental contracts (for the 3 regions with an energy performance certificate with label A, B, or C (and for Brussels also for EPC label D) and that do not contain any specific arrangements.

Calculate the rent yourself! 


Deed of purchase fee

Depending on what is stipulated in the sales agreement, part of the costs could be covered by the seller.

Calculate your overall estimate of the purchase costs.

Rent indexation

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