Code of ethics

Since its inception in 1993, the agency has gone through its lot of market trends - and it’s always come out on top.

We’ve never stopped growing. In March 2015, we even opened a second agency in Uccle to support of global vision. This second agency expanded on our regional knowledge and competencies - a key factor when it comes to operating in our field.

Despite its growth, the Group’s organizational structure has remained simple and strong - capable of taking bigger and more complex projects while remaining agile when it comes to the market’s expectations. Victoire’s logo is easily identifiable and it gives us an edge when it comes to exposure.

But with exposure comes the need to maintain our reputation and high standards - especially with regards to the respect our clients, our colleagues and our partners in all advice and services we provide.

Our clients are a priority in everything we do, from the very first meeting. We dedicate all our human and technical resources to make sure real estate owners, promoters, buyers and renters are happy.

Our core values

Responsibility, trust, council and transparency, ethics, exemplarity are all values that we practice.

1. Responsibility

Entrepreneurial spirit and autonomy are both valued, and responsibilities are delegated based on the principle of subsidiarity: decisions are made by the people closest to a situation, given everything they know about its specificities.

The person exercising power is held accountable for its actions. We all make mistakes but repeating them is a flaw - and it becomes exceptionally serious if it’s hidden.

2. Trust

Each colleague is trusted by the entire group. While commercial, technical and support teams are essential, their efficiency relies on the skills and trust of our people on the ground. Confidence is also paramount when it comes to our relationships with clients, partners and suppliers.

3. Council and transparency

All our people have a responsibility to be as transparent as possible when explaining their work, and the motives behind it. Each person can rely on the expertise and experience of anyone in our Group. When facing a client or a partner, our colleagues will give a realistic, down to earth sense of the market. This willingness to give relevant advice - no matter the type of project - is deeply intertwined with a work ethic and professionalism based on a knowledge of both the market and the client’s needs. These principles will drive everything our people do, whatever role they play in our agency.

4. Ethics

Victoire has the right to refuse to work with clients or partners that do not share its values. These decisions are made by the Executive board based on ethical considerations, the lack of consideration for environmental and sustainable development values, the absence of respect of the fundamental rights as described by the UN - but not only. In that regard, Victoire supports all initiatives susceptible of promoting these values.

5. Exemplarity

Our first requirement is to respect others - something the Group has always upheld since its creation. With trust comes responsibilities and everyone representing our company knows that transparency implies exemplarity - especially from the management.

Jean Corman

Jean Corman

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