Why invest in real estate?

Why invest in real estate?

Low interest rates:


Thanks to the weak economic situation it is possible to borrow at very low interest rates. A home loan has never been as low as it is now.




You can get tax advantages when you become an owner of a flat.

Because of the investment solutions it offers, the legal and fiscal aspects, and the various products on offer, property investment is a very attractive financial product.


Fairly stable price trend:

Over the last 40 years, the Belgian house price index has risen by an average of about 6% per year.


Current income:

Renting out residential buildings generates an income stream with protection against inflation - even with stable property prices - as rents are indexed regularly.


Allocation of direct (total income) or projected (retirement savings, long-term investment) income supplements,

Rental market constantly in high demand.


Capital gain on resale:


When you invest, it is important to resell your property at the right time. The stable increase in prices over the last few decades guarantees a nice capital gain.

Declining confidence in stock market investments:

The economic crisis has dealt a big blow to confidence in stock market investments. The risks continue to grow, while investing a lot of time in the management of investments.

In fact, unlike securities or stock market investments, for which it is necessary to find adapted and complex solutions that are constantly evolving, investing in real estate is an ideal alternative to obtain additional income or to build up long-term savings (retirement savings, savings plan, etc.) without having to call on the services of a portfolio management consultant or other asset manager, who is often expensive and difficult to access.

With its advantages, rental property is one of the best possible financial investments for private investors to strengthen or diversify their assets.

In an uncertain economic context, traditional financial investments seem to be drastically reduced and no longer represent safe values: financial products such as "shares/bonds" no longer show a stable enough return on investment and savings accounts, previously appreciated by anti-speculators for their "rate of return/risk-free investment" ratios, now only offer interest rates well below 1%.

Investing in real estate is therefore undoubtedly the best investment to consider in the face of the various uncertainties caused by the current situation in Belgium and elsewhere.


Indeed, real estate investment offers a number of advantageous guarantees and relevant criteria that seem to be able to respond positively to this situation.

If you want to diversify your investments or build up your assets but do not know how to invest in real estate.


Victoire Invest is the solution for you!


Our strengths are :


Working with all property developers to find the right property for you.


A thorough knowledge of the property investment market for almost 30 years.


A rental department to rent out your properties.


A furnishing department to give your properties a certain charm.


A private management department that manages your assets as a good father and manages your accounting, rental, administrative and legal management to best orchestrate your real estate assets.


Collection and supervision of rents/rental charges and day-to-day management with tenants.


Lease management (drafting of lease contracts, monitoring of these, etc.).


Follow-up of expiries (rent payments, indexation and annual rent review).


Follow-up of rental disputes.


Contact our new buildings department!

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