What impact does the EPB Score have on the selling price of your property in Brussels?

The Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) score assesses the energy efficiency of your property and can have a considerable impact on its selling price.


Find out how the EPB score affects the value of your property in Brussels.


Brussels: At the forefront of ecology

Brussels, renowned for its commitment to the environment, places great emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. Brussels buyers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact and long-term energy costs. 


Valuing Eco-Responsible Property
A property with a good EPB score is synonymous with energy efficiency and low operating costs.

Brussels buyers are willing to invest more in a property that reduces their carbon footprint and offers substantial energy savings.

Government incentives
In Brussels, the EPB score also influences government grants and incentives. Properties with a high score may be eligible for attractive financial benefits offered by the region. 


Fair and Transparent Assessment
The EPB score provides an objective assessment of the energy efficiency of your property. Buyers appreciate this transparency, which can increase confidence in the transaction.


Competition on the property market
In Brussels, where the real estate offer is varied, a favourable EPB score can help you stand out from the crowd. Eco-responsible properties attract the attention of buyers looking for sustainable solutions.


All in all, the EPB score has a significant impact on the selling price of your property in Brussels.

It can influence eco-conscious buyers, add value to your property, open the door to government incentives and increase transparency in the transaction.

By taking advantage of this important factor, you can not only optimise the sale price, but also contribute to the collective effort in favour of the environment in Brussels.


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