The most striking trends in Belgian interior design

Interior design in Belgium is constantly evolving, marked by a harmonious blend of historic traditions and contemporary modernity.


In this article, we explore some of the most striking trends in Belgian interior design.


Elegant minimalism


Minimalism is a major trend in Belgian interior design. Designers are looking for clean lines, open spaces and neutral colours to create a soothing ambience.


Design furniture and high-quality materials are favoured to create elegant, uncluttered spaces.


Use of sustainable materials


Belgium places great importance on sustainability and preserving the environment.

Interior designers are increasingly incorporating sustainable materials into their designs, such as recycled wood, bamboo flooring and eco-friendly paints.


The emphasis is on reducing the carbon footprint of interior design projects.

Vintage meets contemporary


An interesting trend is the marriage of vintage and contemporary.

Designers combine period features, such as antique furniture, with modern elements to create unique, personalised spaces.

This creates interiors that are warm and full of character.


Scandinavian influence


Scandinavian influences are increasingly present in Belgian interior design. Elements such as light wood furniture, pastel colours and abundant natural lighting are frequently used to create welcoming, functional spaces.


Maximising space


Interior designers devise clever solutions to optimise the use of space, such as multi-functional furniture, built-in storage and modular partitions.


Bold colours


Although neutral colours still dominate, Belgians are increasingly open to experimenting with bold colours. Deep shades such as midnight blue, emerald green and burgundy are used to add a touch of character and personality to the interior.

Sophisticated lighting


Lighting is an essential element. Designers favour designer luminaires, artistic pendant lamps and intelligent lighting systems to create bright, welcoming atmospheres.


Integrating nature


Belgium is known for its lush green landscapes, and this influence is reflected in its interior design. The integration of indoor plants, winter gardens and natural materials such as stone and wood creates a soothing atmosphere connected to nature.


In short, current trends combine elegance, sustainability, intelligent use of space and a touch of modernity, while retaining a strong connection with history and nature.


This harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporaneity makes Belgian interior design a source of inspiration for the rest of the world.


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