Buying a new or old property: how to choose ?

Buying a new or old property: how to choose ?

When buying a property, a buyer or an investor takes into account different parameters, depending on their initial objective. But with a constant budget, the choice between an old or a new property is sometimes more complicated than expected.


So how can you best decide between these two possibilities?

New development, the right price guarantee


Buying a new development property, whether it is a flat or a house, is above all the certainty of acquiring a home that meets the latest standards, whether they be environmental, acoustic or thermal.


This choice is not anecdotal, because all these rules are supposed to offer more comfortable homes, more economical in use and perfectly adapted to the demands of modern life. It is therefore a sensible choice.


New homes also offer a set of guarantees from the builder, which protect and reassure the buyer against the main construction defects or finishing anomalies.


By buying before or at the start of construction, the future owner will also have the opportunity to make various adjustments.


It is therefore a guarantee that you will be able to buy a property that is as close as possible to your tastes and needs, provided that you give yourself enough time according to the planned construction period.

The charm of the old

Most of the time, the supply of old housing is much greater than the supply of new housing, allowing a wider choice at a lower price.

This possibility allows for much more selective choice criteria, such as a specific location or neighbourhood. This is particularly true for the heart of urban centres where new developments may be limited or even prohibited.


Of course, the property purchased does not benefit from the same guarantees as a new property, particularly with regard to the standards in force. 

Everything will depend on the condition of the property and the renovation work undertaken: obviously, buying a 19th century building does not mean buying the electrical installation of the time. 


In high-end old buildings, it is even common to combine the old architecture and its large volumes with modern quality services. 

This assumes that in terms of interior design, the buyer is in keeping with the property visited, unless he or she is considering renovation work. 


An old, poorly furnished flat can also be a hindrance to visiting an old property, as it is sometimes complicated to project oneself, to judge the potential and to appreciate the architectural opportunities.

In reality, buying an old property is often based on love at first sight, for the neighbourhood, for the building or for the property itself. 


Buying new can be based on more analytical and reassuring criteria, with the fear of making a mistake. Where buying old is always a bit of a risk.


At Victoire, we don't just answer your questions, we also advise you. Is it better to buy a new building or to invest in an existing property? Or is it wiser to buy than to rent? We are at your side, in complete confidence and discretion. 


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